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Apartments and rentals in DC are a sound economic option for young people, for those who frequently re-locate, and for those simplifying their lives. For all the advantages these dwellings may offer, landlords and management companies do not always accommodate animals, leaving pet owners with a difficult choice. Fortunately, there are apartments in Washington, DC that will receive certain critters, though renters may have to tender a generous deposit.

Certain apartment buildings in Washington DC place no limits on weight or size, welcoming everything from a Great Dane to a Maltese. Because of this flexible pet policy, these same rentals may call for large pet retainers to cover potential damage. Monthly rental charges for animals are also standard fare among DC apartments. Tenants are well-advised to confirm that pet charges will not increase or fluctuate during the life of the lease.

Those renters with larger animals do well to keep location in mind when seeking out a pet-friendly dwelling. Open spaces like Rock Creek Park in the Northwest quadrant, or the Anacostia River Walk in the Southeast, provide adequate room for long walks or runs with a Golden Retriever or St. Bernard. Residential neighborhoods like Shepherd Park or Cleveland Park are also preferable for big dogs. Commercial districts favor smaller breeds. Cats can be comfortable anywhere, of course.

Interior space is also important when selecting a pet-friendly apartment. Many property managers limit the number of pets per unit for just this reason. Providing optimal space for pets is codified in the District of Columbia laws covering animal cruelty. It is therefore in the interest of both landlord and tenant to insure a proper ratio of creature to square footage. While this figure is not strictly defined, the Washington Humane Society does have the authority to deem living quarters inadequate upon inspection. If this occurrs, the pet could be impounded.

In addition to setting parameters on size, weight, and number, some apartments specify prohibited breeds. Property managers are duty-bound to look after the safety of their tenants. Particular dog breeds, because of their history or simply by reputation, are considered more menacing than others. For instance, dogs bred for fighting or as watchdogs may possess a bent toward aggressiveness. Should a biting incident occur, the property owner may bear some of the legal liability. Consequently, landlords have the right to forbid Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, and Pit Bull Terriers, among other breeds.

With so many parks and waterfronts, Washington DC is an ideal city for animal companions. Finding the ideal home takes some effort. Renters and landlords alike benefit from RentalAds.com's online classifieds, where the rules and fees regarding pets can be easily posted. This saves on fruitless inquiries and rejected applications.

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