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If you are craving wide open spaces and when you are tired of the crush of the big city, North Dakota is a natural choice. It is the nineteenth largest state in the United States and the fourth least populated state. If you want to get away from it all, and when you are ready to see what living in the northern portion of the continental United States is like, this may be the opportunity for you. However, before you start pulling up your tent stakes, it is important to consider where your pet might be in this situation.

There are far too many people who believe that they have to give up their beloved pet because they believe that moving is going to make it impossible to keep it. The truth of the matter is that it is definitely possible to keep your animal if you only do a bit of searching. Sites like offer you a fantastic way to find out which landlords are pet-friendly. Landlords who advertise on this site choose it so that they can stand out, and you can be sure that a pet-friendly landlord can be found very quickly.

Despite the low population density, you'll discover that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to moving to North Dakota. Bismarck, the capital of the states, offers you plenty in the way of arts and sociability, while Fargo provides you with all the convenience of the big city though with a small town friendliness. These are just the two largest cities in North Dakota, and you'll find that they make pets very welcome here. Search out pet-friendly landlords and start checking out the houses and the apartments of your dreams. These cities are also fantastic places to find converted lofts for you and your cat or dog.

When you move outside of the city, towns get few and far between, but you'll discover that these small towns are terrifically friendly and welcoming. Away from the city, you are more likely to be dealing with small landowners who are renting out small houses or rooms, and you can always negotiate if necessary. If you find that someone is feeling a little reluctant about letting you keep your dog or cat, point out the fact that your animal is very quiet or well-behaved. Similarly, you can offer to double the usual security deposit or to pay extra every month.

If you are ready to head north and to see what North Dakota has to offer, remember that you can take your pet with you. Whether you've got a golden retriever who will love the open space, or a Persian who will barely know she's moved at all, start today and find the lodging you need for you and your animals.

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