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In Oregon, pets are a huge part of peoples' lives. Landlords recognize this and that's why there are so many pet friendly rental options throughout the state of Oregon. Whether residents are hoping to live in the glamour of Portland or the rustic, outdoorsy atmosphere of Bend, they are sure to find many rental property opportunities that will accommodate their dog, cat or other pet.

When browsing through listings for townhouses or condos for rent, it is important to keep an eye out for the ones that state they are pet friendly. In some cases, the listing will further define acceptable pets. Some houses for rent may only accept cats while other apartments for rent permit dogs, but only if they meet certain size requirements. Still other rental properties might have rules concerning lizards, reptiles and birds. Any prospective tenant can call in advance of visiting a property to ensure that their pets will not present a problem to the landlord.

Prospective tenants who have large pets or multiple pets may find it more difficult to find the right rental property. However, with a little bit of diligence and luck, most can find a suitable duplex or other property for rent that precisely meets their needs. Some landlords do not have clearly defined rules regarding what types of dogs, cats or other animals are acceptable for their property. When this is the case, it makes sense to arrange a face to face meeting. During the meeting, make sure to point out any obedience training a pet may have received as this often indicates to the landlord that a pet is less likely to misbehave.

Finding a pet friendly rental property in Oregon is also easier when you acquire documentation. Ask for a reference letter from a current or former landlord that attests to the pet's history of good behavior. A letter from a veterinarian, confirming that all medical checkups are consistently performed on a pet, may also prove useful. Finally, give the landlord a chance to get acquainted with your pet. It can be an enjoyable experience for all and just might tip the balance in your favor.

Pet friendly rental houses are available throughout Oregon. This is a state that enjoys solid relationships between people and pets. Accordingly, many apartments for rent and condos for rent are readily advertised as being pet friendly. This means they are usually set up with appropriate pet friendly common areas on the grounds or in the yard. This can make for ideal living arrangements both for pets and their owners. The owner knows they are living in a place that accepts their pets and the pets get to live in a friendly, accommodating community.

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